Basics Project #1: Tablecloths

  • BA-02. Tablecloths at the loom, part A

    What this project will teach you:
    - How to dress the loom from the very beginning
    - A systematic approach to the process you will use for every piece you weave

    Topics include:
    - Tube winding
    - Warping mill
    - Tying off at the mill
    - Chaining off
    - How to make choke ties
    - Preparing the loom for ...

  • BA-03. Tablecloths at the loom, part B

    Topics include:
    - Checking your work
    - Adding heddles
    - Fixing threading mistakes
    - Bundling heddles
    - Sleying the reed
    - Tying onto the tie bar and "magic string"
    - Counterbalance tie-up
    - Make lamms even
    - Checking the sheds
    - Winding a quill
    - Advancing a warp and bench height
    - Weaving demo ...

  • BA-04. Planning tablecloths

    What this project will teach you:
    - How to plan a project, including calculating the amount of thread needed
    - How to maintain really good records

    Topics include:
    - What yarns will we use?
    - About metric reeds
    - Describing the cloth
    - Calculating weave length
    - Warp quantity calculations

  • BA-05. Monday drafting

    What this project will teach you:
    - How to depict a fabric on paper showing the interlacement of the threads
    - How to understand the threading, treadling and tie-up components of a draft
    - How to analyze fabrics, one step at a time

    Topics include:
    - First drawdown: analyzing the threading
    - Fir...

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