Basics Project #4: Block damask

  • BA-13. Block damask at the loom, part A

    What this project will teach you:
    - How to weave with linen
    - How to handle 8 shafts and 8 treadles when tying up a countermarch loom
    - How to understand a profile draft

    Topics include:
    - Winding the warp
    - Dismantling the countermarch for beaming
    - Pre-sley review and pre-sleying with two peop...

  • BA-14. Block damask at the loom, part B

    Topics include:
    - Upper countermarch tie-up
    - Extra headroom inside the loom
    - Lower countermarch tie-up
    - Tying up the treadles
    - Jacking up loom for easier treadle tie up
    - Checking and fixing a threading mistake
    - Block damask weaving demo
    - Repairing a broken warp thread properly
    - Weaving f...

  • BA-15. Planning block damask

    What this project will teach you:
    - How to plan your block damask project, including calculating the amount of yarn needed
    - How to document the project, creating a project sheet for your binder

    Topics include:
    - What yarns will we use?
    - What reed will we use?
    - Describing the cloth
    - Warp qu...

  • BA-16. Thursday drafting

    What this project will teach you:
    - How a profile draft represents the general shape and proportions of a project
    - How profile drafts allow you to choose which weave structure you will use

    Topics include:
    - Review: how to analyze the threading, treadling, and tie-up
    - A challenge
    - Profile d...

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