Basics Project #2: Towels

  • BA-06. Towels at the loom

    What this project will teach you:
    - How to resume weaving after cutting off a finished item
    - How to weave with linen
    - How to create a hem that preserves the twill angle of the towel

    Topics include:
    - Towel demo and Vävstuga band loom
    - Starting again after cutting off a woven piece
    - Weaving...

  • BA-07. Planning towels

    What this project will teach you:
    - How to make thread windings to sample different colorways for your towels
    - How to document a project, creating a project sheet for your binder

    Topics include:
    - What yarns will we use?
    - What reed will we use?
    - Describing the cloth
    - Warp quantity calculations

  • BA-08. Tuesday drafting

    What this project will teach you:
    - How to spot the defining characteristic of twills
    - How to understand the difference between warp- and weft-effect twills
    - An appreciation of the wide variety of fabric that can be woven using twills and their variations

    Topics include:
    - Exercise 1: Review f...

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