Basics Project #3: Blankets

  • BA-09. Blankets at the loom, part A

    What this project will teach you:
    - How to weave a wide warp
    - How to achieve a soft beat
    - How to work with double stranded weft
    - How to twist the fringe in opposite directions
    - How to achieve subtle shading throughout the cloth

    Topics include:
    - Setting up the loom and weaving
    - Ball winding...

  • BA-10. Blankets at the loom, part B

    Topics include:
    - Upper tie-up
    - Lower tie-up
    - Checking the shed
    - Winding balls and quills
    - Blanket weave demo — first blanket
    - Fixing a threading mistake near the edge of the warp or with a double heddle
    - Blanket stripe design — second blanket
    - Weaving the second blanket and sample
    - "Some...

  • BA-11. Planning blankets

    What this project will teach you:
    - How to plan your blanket project, including calculating the amount of yarn needed
    - How to document the project, creating a project sheet for your binder

    Topics include:
    - What yarns will we use?
    - What reed will we use?
    - Describing the cloth
    - Warp quantity...

  • BA-12. Wednesday drafting

    What this project will teach you:
    - An approach for improving the threading of a draft
    - A review and comparison of multiple variations of twills

    Topics include:
    - Page 3 exercises
    - What is this fabric going to look like? Deriving the drawdown
    - Same warp, different variations
    - Summary diagra...

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