Bands Section #2: Vävstuga bandloom

  • BW-13. Bandloom #1 – plain weave

    What this project will teach you:
    - Carrying case, layout of parts & attachments
    - Assembling the Vävstuga bandloom
    - Winding quills for your first band warp
    - Preparing the warp directly onto the loom
    - Winding a quill with weft
    - Making a clean start
    - Weaving technique opening sheds with your ...

  • BW-14. Bandloom #2 – simple pick-up

    What this project will teach you:
    - Advantages of adding border threads
    - Winding a longer warp right onto the loom
    - Shortcut for winding the warp with 2 colors
    - Beaming the warp using the "twisting" method
    - Introduction to our pattern spreader
    - Weaving demonstration row by row
    - Reversing th...

  • BW-15. Bandloom #3 – treadle

    What this project will teach you:
    - Winding your warp on our warping mill
    - Chaining off and reversing the chain
    - Beaming from a warp chain using the "twist" method
    - Turning the bandloom into a trapeze
    - Introduction to the lease stick holder attachment
    - Threading from a cross on lease sticks

  • BW-16. Bandloom #4 – Mora hairband

    What this project will teach you:
    - Winding a longer warp than Band #2 directly on the loom
    - Review of beaming using the "twist" method
    - Lassoing the pattern threads
    - Weaving the "bars" according to the chart
    - Attaching the pattern lifting lashes
    - Attaching the pattern lowering lashes
    - Weav...

  • BW-17. Bandloom #5 – classic pick-up

    What this project will teach you:
    - Winding the band warp on the mill
    - Chaining the warp, then reversing the chain
    - Review of beaming with frying pan, the "twist" method
    - Review of threading with lease sticks, according to the chart
    - Tensioning onto the front of the loom
    - Spreading the warp

  • BW-18. Bandloom #6 – rigid heddle demo

    What this project will teach you:
    - How pattern threads sit in the rigid heddle on the bandloom
    - Warping at the mill, threading at the table
    - Weaving 6 pick cycle row by row
    - Cleaning the pattern sheds easily
    - Relationship to Leksand bandloom

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